Stainless steel body folded Tai Chi sword, 92cm man woman Taiji rapier

Stainless steel body folded Tai Chi sword, 92cm man woman Taiji rapier

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Description: alloy shell folded Tai Chi sword

Handle: alloy
Body: stainless steel

Length: 92cm

Net weight: around 0.43kg/pcs

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Introduction of Tai Chi Sword
Tai Chi sword was developed on the base of sword techniques and by absorbing the essence of Tai Chi Quan, embodying the features of the both. On the one hand, Tai Chi sword is as soft and light as Tai Chi Quan, continuously deploying the will power instead of physical power. On the other hand, Tai Chi sword shows beautiful and elegant body gestures and clear sword skills just as sword techniques do, creating the unify of form and spirit. Tai Chi sword moves require guiding the sword with mind and combining sword with the practitioner’s body. Sword techniques focus on changes and avoiding substance to attack emptiness. Strength from the waist drives the movement of the sword and such strength should saturate the sword. In offense and defense, one’s hands, the sword and techniques should all be flexible and the circles drawn by the sword had better be from big to small in a continuous way.

Tai Chi sword combines physical exercise, attach techniques and performance, thus a very beneficial sports even. Long-term practice of Tai Chi sword can help improve functions of the nerve system, delay brain aging, smooth the flow of blood and better the respiratory system. It can also exercise every part of the body and enhance muscle tenacity. In addition to body building, Tai Chi sword can nurse the mental state to reach a balance between physiology and psychology.

Name and structure of Tai Chi sword (Taiji rapier)

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